Monday, July 17, 2006

Adam & Site News

Hi anyone reading this, and thanks for visiting the Fans of Adam Stern blog. We're just getting started with our web-presence, so bear with us. We plan to have news and thoughts concerning Adam, us the fans, and probably whatever else that's somewhat relevent. So that's the plan. Also, check out our brand-new website. And of course, thanks for stopping by.

Adam went 2-for-4 tonight as the PawSox won. Mr. Jealous aka Murphdog aka David Murphy also had a great night.

Also, there's a random picture of our security guard on, as pictured here -- not really sure what that's about, but hey, we love him. Maybe he's getting an award for dealing with us? Who knows.

I'm currently listening to an audio stream of the last time we went to a game -- it's interesting.


Blogger Piney said...

Thanks for the love over at the Artpaddage...gonna get crackin' on a few(methinks you found your way there courtesy of Sternie's Serenade)

Also, nice little Adam Stern love site there...I enjoy that crazy Canadian Jew just as much as the rest of ya'll do(and a fellow RIer too!) Can't wait to see more of this ish :D

10:59 PM  

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