Friday, August 04, 2006

Fan Club Outing

Just recently got home from another long, fun night at McCoy. Before I go into a description of the night, just a few things... Firstly, we've been featured on the Official PawSox website under "McCoy Moments!" This is definately a milestone for us, thanks so much to the staff for making this happen. Our site will be updated soon with all links to media, etc. from the night. Also, we now have official business cards for the Fans of Adam Stern -- we handed some out at the game. If you got here via the business card -- drop us a comment/email -- we had a great time at the game with you and we'd love to hear from you! And finally, the we've decided on a process for those seeking to enter the Fans of Adam Stern unofficial but extremely enthusiastic club. Applications and evaluation forms will be online soon. We had two guest members with us the game tonight (un-uniformed) and it went well and we all had a great night, despite a really tough 12-3 loss for the PawSox. Keep on reading for a full description of the night:

We arrived, ready and energetic, at 5 PM. We first went to claim our spot on the berm, and then joined the throngs on the field for the pre-game autograph session. Every game is autograph night for us, but we were looking foward to it all the same (especially the free poster.) Unfortunately there were many people there and we were only able to get to a few tables. First we chatted with the manager, Ron Johnson, who was very friendly. We thanked him for moving Adam to left the previous game we attended, so that he was closer to us, and we requested that he switch Adam to left again for us (he was in right.) Alas, Adam stayed in right (maybe Terry's requested him there in preparation for the future?) but it was a nice chat. We also spotted Ben Mondor (who is basically my hero) in a luxury box, but he said he wasn't signing -- he was just sitting there enjoying his handiwork -- and hey, he deserves a little break -- what a great guy. It was so hot out there, but hey, as you will later see, the weather can't stop us. After continuing to wait in line, one of our security friends cut the line off right behind us for Adam's table, thanks to some bargaining Dan & I did.

At the table was, in order: Dustin Pedroia, David Murphy, and Adam Stern. Also known as: Dustpan, Murphdog, and Adam. Gave them all business cards and got our posters signed. As soon as he saw us, Adam said, "Who's in the hooose?" (as in house with a Canadian accent.) We presented him with the photo of us that we signed for him (whoa role reversal!) and the t-shirt we made for him. The T-Shirt says, like all of ours, "I'm with Adam" except the "with" is crossed out. Adam immeadiately put the shirt on over his jersey, which made us really happy, hahaha. Then the team photographer asked if we'd take some pictures, and that's how we became a "McCoy Moment." Luckily we got a picture with our camera too. At one point, Adam said something to Dustin like, "Your fan club can eat dirt." Poor Murphy -- we love you too, and you'll be inducted into the club as an honorary member soon enough. We said our good lucks and thank yous and headed back up to our seats. And by seats I mean our old shower curtain spread out on the berm. Oh, we saw Rick, our favorite security friend, and gave him the business card. Rick: We love you.

We made friends with some guys who had a Canadian flag for Adam -- guys, if you're out there: you're awesome, we'd love it if you joined our crew. Also, people kept asking us if we're related to Adam, to which our answer was, "No, we wish -- want our business card?"

Kason Gabbard was scheduled to start, but Keith Foulke started the game off on rehab from Boston before Kason took over. We think Foulkie's a little crazy but it was cool to see his awkward windup up close and personal as he warmed up in left. The beginning of the game was exciting, as the PawSox rallied on homeruns by Corky and Willie Harris to come back from being down to tieing the game 3-3. In the 6th, Adam got his first hit ever when we've been present! Sorry if we were bad luck, man, hopefully we aren't anymore. He hit a bullet right towards us that bounced over the fence for a ground-rule double and then proceeded to go "down the crack" (as I awkwardly described it to our security friend) between the padding and the wall. We could see lighting and hear thunder in the distance, and it started raining pretty soon after that, which sent nearly all of our fellow bermers (and also lots of other fans) scurring. Of course, we stuck it out, and danced and watched in the rain -- very refreshing. Unfortunately, the remained of the game mirrored the stormy weather, as the PawSox gave up nine more runs, including six in an extremely messy 8th inning. Adam struck out to end the game, leaving himself 1-for-5, but we still love him. Random notes: our Macho/Machado Man cheer was definately enjoyed by all, as was the painful raised-arms prayer, the dog impressions inspired by Mr. Barker, and our A-D-A-M (to YMCA) chant.

We swayed to "Bad Day" while our security friend asked us if we were ever going home. There's a doubleheader tomorrow (well technically today) so I would have seriously done that if they allowed it. Finally we said goodbye-for-now to the berm and exited, reorganized, and regrouped at the players exit. Adam tried to escape (understandable; I'd be half scared of us too) but we had a quick chat and took a picture before saying, "Don't worry, we'll be back again before you get called up" as we departed.

On the way home, we encountered a lot of the number 39, which was special because that's Adam's number with the big Sox. Also, we thought we saw some Syracuse Skychiefs guys at a certain eatery we stopped at -- I'll be researching this possibility.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and of course the players and staff. And anyone who read all that, congrats, thanks, and leave a comment! Take care.


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