Saturday, February 17, 2007

From Orioles Spring Training Camp

Adam arrived at camp on Valentine's Day (Wed, February 14.) The Baltimore Sun wrote:

Outfielder Adam Stern was the only field player to report today. Field players aren't required to report until Tuesday.

Oh Adam, you over-achiver. Above is a photo from the Baltimore Sun from Thursday, February 15 (Adam's wearing #40.) We wish Adam a healthy and happy Spring Training with the birds. Also, there are lots of Canadians (Canadiens) in the Orioles' camp this year, so we'll be sure to keep you updated on their antics, as well as any other Adam-related news.


Blogger Jere said...

Hi. Got your comment about me putting your Stern sign on my blog. I was shocked to hear you say it sounds like I'm not a huge Adam Stern fan, though! I was THE Red Sox blogger for all your Adam Stern needs. The guy went to the U. of Nebraska, where I went. I started singing his praises immediately on my blog, and then constantly defended him when people started making fun of him, as it looked like he might start in CF for us, before we got Coco. Then I rubbed it in everyone's faces when he kicked butt for Canada in the WBC. If you look at my photo galleries, you'll see he was the main guy I took pics of at games at Fenway (when he was with the big club). 4/15/06 is a good example. And check my 3/19/06 post for the pic of me and Adam in NYC from September '05.

I'm glad you've got an Adam site. Thanks!

10:00 AM  

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