Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Watching the Sox Spring Training Opener

7:11 PM: Currently watching the Sox from City of Palms! Thought I would blog it due to the fact that Adam's buddies Dustpans & Murphdog are starting (batting 7th and 8th respectively.) I'll continue with any news from them.

7:39 PM: Minnesota jumps ahead 1-0.

7:43 PM: DustPans gets the first Red Sox hit of 2007!

7:44 PM: Murphdog gets the second hit!! Who let the dogs out? Murph, Murph, Murph, Murph!

7:48 PM: DP scores the first run! 1-1.

7:51 PM: Murph scores! 2-1.

8:16 PM: With a 4-1 lead, I must take a break and attend to scholarly duties.


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