Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Reunited with Adam!

Wow, the summer is flying by!
On June 27, 2007, a couple of us Fans of Adam were reunited with Sir Stern himself, as the Tides were in Pawtucket. Adam went 1-for-4 and had a nice little sac fly as Norfolk beat Pawtucket 6-3. Our sign made an appearance from the tower, most likely confusing all those in attendance. After the game, we were able to catch Adam before he hopped on the bus, and chatted for a few minutes about how things were going with all of us. Rick was also amused to see us. All in all, another great, relaxed night in Pawtucket with our old friends.

From top to bottom, the pictures are: Adam in center field, and Chris Hansen (MmmBop) pitching for the Paw Sox.

Speaking of Adam, he's heating up at we go into the dog days of summer -- in July he hit .261, beginning to return to his form of last summer.


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