Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics: August 13

Starting lineup for Canadians in their preliminary game vs. China:
  1. Adam Stern #7
  2. Stubby Clapp #11
  3. Michael Saunders #20
  4. Scott Thorman #40
  5. Nick Weglarz #33
  6. Matt Rogelstad #4
  7. Jimmy Vanostrand #29
  8. Chris Robinson #30
  9. Emmanuel Garcia #15
  10. Chris Begg #35
12:30 AM EST: Game beings streaming live on in the 4th inning. Since it's online, there's no verbal commentators. A mic seems to be in each dugout, as you can hear the Canadians chatting (swearing sometimes) and I assume the Chinese are doing the same. It's actually really nice to listen to a game without anyone commentating. And it's highly amusing to hear some of the conversations going on in the dugout. For instance, in between innings, some young Chinese cheerleaders came out and performed on the field, as one member of team Canada commented, "Laker girls." Haha. Very cool that NBC is -- streaming everything live online for anyone to see -- gotta love the interwebs. I also love that the crowd does the 7th inning stretch and even sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" -- it's so interesting to see which how a sport that I've only experienced in the American culture is carried out in other places.

2:20 AM: Game over. Mercy rule in effect after 8 innings. Adam contributed with a two-run triple and scored on a sac fly by Stubby Clapp. Great start for Team Canada as they beat China 10-0.


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